Saturday, March 22, 2008

Kid-isms & a Troy-ism

Becky on dinner: "That's belicious."

Emma on Troy dining in France: "You're so lucky. You probably got to eat a lot of French Fries."

Troy on blogging: "I want to ask you something...but you have to promise not to blog about it."

Now, where is the fun in that?


Hilary said...

BELIEVE ME, there is a fair amount of editing that goes into anything I type about Drew on this blog.
I've learned THAT lesson. :)


So now I'm curious about what Troy wanted to ask......the kids' comments were so cute; we really missed you guys while we were celebrating Easter at the ranch yesterday!

lbugsh2 said...

I love what you blog tell troy it just endears you all to us so much more.

Lara said...

Spencer is always warning me that I'm not allowed to blog certain comments or pictures on him! Now that he's figured out how to do his own posts I really have to be careful!

Happy Easter!

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