Monday, March 10, 2008

Where did the time go?

So Troy and I were at Paul and Sarah's Saturday night, and we started to talk about this huge list of movies Paul wants to see.

One of the movies that I said he should add to the list was "The Outsiders" ... which, I am still having trouble believing that he never saw!

So we started talking about all the big names in that movie and I said that Tom Cruise was in it.

Well, of course, neither Troy nor Paul believed me and Troy even went so far as to bet dinner on it.

Do I even need to tell you that I was right?

And it got me to thinking about all those things that I loved about growing up in the 80's. I know you have all seen those lists, you might be a child of the 80's if...

But I really LOVED the outsiders. I went again and again to the movies to see it.

Holy Cow, was I in LOVE with C. Thomas Howell (aka Ponyboy). And since he lived not too far away from me in Valencia, I used to hope that we might someday meet and fall madly in love. (I would say that this is akin to Troy praying that he might actually find the crysal in his barn that would in fact confirm that he was Superman!)

Other things I LOVED were:

The Princess Bride
Duran Duran
Pegging my pants
Having a haircut that entirely covered one eye
Saying things like TOTALLY, and GAG ME (with the full on valley girl sound...yeah, yeah, a Korean Valley Girl, I know!)
And, man, did I want a swatch...but no way was my mom buying me one of those!

Did you know that they have 80s dances at the high school here? It was 50s dances when I was in high school. An 80s dance? That was just a dance!


Melanie said...

Oh I LOVED pegging my pants! It was a cheap way to be cool! I also really loved the shoes with three different color shoelaces: white, pink, and silver. I also loved wearing multiple pairs of socks to coordinate with an outfit. And I did have a swatch. It was cool.


That's funny that your blog is about the 8o's...Del and I were just having a conversation about this era Saturday night! Some of my faves from this decade include: jelly shoes, the movies "Top Gun" & "Dirty Dancing", and the music group "Chicago."

Sarah said...

Don't forget hypercolor! The only fashion trend to accentuate sweaty armpits.

Speaking of dances, Paul still owes you his rendition of the running man. Believe me, you will not be disappointed.

Puhlman said...

WOW. I too remember the 80's all too well. I look back at pictures and I think "what was I thinkinig". I really dressed like that? Too funny. Oh and yes the stroller is gone. I took it out of the car to load other things and left it by my front steps and now it is gone. SO mad.

Anonymous said...

Lemme see if I can find some embarrassing photos of you ;p


The Valentine Family said...

The Outsiders was just on the other night...the very reason why I call Kody, Kody boy! Gotta love the 80's...shirts tied in knots, units, slap bracelets, stirup pants, side ponytails etc... fun times!

Paul said...

Hate to break it to you but there were '80s dances while Sarah and I were in high school. "Come One Eileen" was always a crowd favorite. If you really are hankering for a flashback, there are some clubs in DC that still have '80s nights.

Also, please tell Troy that I don't need a crystal to know that he is Superman. The way he treats his wife is super to me.

Andrea said...

I went to a few 80's dances when I was at Ricks. I sported a Slippery When Wet Bon Jovi t-shirt when I went. I saw some Jelly shoes at Target the other day. Eeewww! Swatches were cool and even cooler if you had the swatch guard.

Amy said...

Ditto on all those 80s things!

Part of me is stuck in the 80's like I still actually say, "Totally!" and "Gag me".

I think I can pull it off.

If not, don't tell me.

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