Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Musings

Things I learned this week:

1. I am technologically dependent ... nay ... addicted.

The internet went out this week and I was basically cut off from the rest of the world. No phone. No email. Nothing.

It was nice in some small way not to be so connected. But I found that I actually communicate more via email and facebook than the telephone...and it was hard not to have access.

I also missed facebook, reading blogs, and writing on my own blog.

2. I get a little cranky ... nay ... ornery ... when i don't have internet.

Getting the internet back was an ordeal. I had to call comcast at least a half dozen times. And the phone system wasn't working properly, so after getting through a gazillion menus it hung up on me. Six times. It made me crazy...and cranky. Sorry Troy.

3. I don't like comcast ... nay ... i hate comcast, but verizon wasn't any better.

After getting fed up with comcast's customer service, I called verizon to switch. Well, after being on hold for 20 minutes, I decided that if they couldn't answer the phone to sell me something, they probably weren't going to pick up the phone to fix it.

4. I really like ... nay ... love my primary class.

They are such a great group of kids and I really just love watching them learn the gospel.

5. I really love ... yes ... love my "tough guy" husband.

Troy gave a talk in church today and it was really great. Of course he had to say how he was going to ruin his "tough guy" image by crying.

Mikalya said, "Dad's a tough guy?"

"No dear. He was just being ironic."

So glad to be up online again!


alexandra said...

Troy not a tough guy? Seriously? What about the Superman t-shirt?

Lara said...

I like, nay, love your use of the word "nay" in this post! I'm glad your internet is back!

Kimber said...

Glad you're back :)

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