Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Singing the Blues

I have gone an entire month with drinking coke zero.

I know there were those of you out there who did not think I could do it (you know who are).

And even though it's been a month, I still miss drinking it every day. **big sigh**

I need a little inspiration...I am trying to be healthier and make better choices...but honestly, none of those better choices seem very fun.

In addition to giving up coke zero, I have also been exercising more.and eating better.

But whenever I exercise, I find that my scale actually goes up.

Does this happened to you?

Now...let me just say that my clothes fit the same...and I don't think I look any heavier.

(If you think differently...just please keep it to yourself.)

But...I must say, it's a real disincentive to being good.

So..help me out here...what do you do to stay motivated? If your scale goes up like mine...how long before it starts to go down?

Because honestly...fat and happy sounds real good right about now.


delilas said...

Every time I get motivated and do all those things you are doing my scale either goes up or stays the same. Muscle weighs more than fat is what I hear but .... why then does others seem to lose. So I eat a whole package of oreos and think what the hey. So I am not much help... Hang in there!!! Sunshine is what we all need about right now, some good old Vit. D!!!

Amberlyn said...

First off, throw out the scale. You cannot measure success by what those stinking numbers blink at you. If you haven't been exercising for a long time, your muscles are going to absorb water, and then they will start doing their thing. I always gain weight in the beginning. I think everyone does, unless your a contestant on the Biggest Loser.
Even if you aren't seeing physical changes yet, you will. You just have to be like the tortous. Slow and steady wins the race.
Who says fat and happy isn't acceptable? The World?

susan said...

When you start working out, you're probably building muscle and since muscle weighs more than fat, the number on the scale goes up. I hate the scale - I try to focus on how my clothes fit and how I feel. Maybe try measurements instead of weight? I'm also embarking on a new exercise program... I hope I can stick with it. Good job giving up the Coke Zero. I gave up drinking pretty much all soda a while ago. It was really hard at first, but now I find myself not even wanting it. Good luck!

Jeffrey Merchant said...

Denise, I know this is hard, but like anything in this world that is worth doing, it is supposed to be hard. If it were easy, it wouldn't be an accomplishment. You can do this, Denise. It is true that not having the scale move down is a disincentive (after huge success for three months, a month without losing anything has been hard for me), but you should also consider the change on the inside--lower blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. That is the more important stuff, but it is also the stuff you can't see. Keep up the good work, it takes time, but it will get better. I promise!

Hilary said...

I just wrote about this on my blog today.
I will watch for answers to our query.

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