Sunday, February 13, 2011

Music and More

We have had quite the musical week...Joe, Emma, and Mikayla had a middle school concert this week, and they did so well. I cannot believe how well they perform -- only having taken lessons at school. The 6th graders in particular were superb!

And then yesterday, Mikayla performed with the All County Orchestra. She was the only student selected from her entire middle school! I am just so darn proud of her!

These students were so incredibly good. Especially the junior orchestra that Mikayla performed with. It was so impressive.

They practiced for two days...and those two days were the only time they had ever performed together It was incredible!


Andrea said...

IMPRESSIVE!!! We're so proud of Mikayla! I'm so glad my kids have yours o look up to as great examples.

Mariko said...

Congrats to Mikayla!! That is quite the accomplishment!

Lara said...

What a wonderful accomplishment for all of them...especially Mikayla!

Shaunae said...

So neat to know there are just awesome programs out there. Can't wait for when the kids are older. You've got awesome talent!

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