Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday

My sweet Troy is 38 today. know the drill.

38 things I love about Troy.

1. You can't say cliches right to save your life. I find it endearing. I even look forward to it now.
2. You love crumbs. Makes me think you were a mouse in a former life.
3. You wear a hat to bed. I actually look forward to when it gets cold enough for you to break it out.
4. You still have to ask me to pick your outfits...I love knowing you still need me.
5. You like to show me your biceps...makes me smile every time.
6. Every time you pour soda, I know you're going to try and stir out the bubbles. Makes me laugh.
7. You let me tease you about practically everything and always take it in stride.
8. Along the same lines, you are an incredibly good sport about letting me write about you on the blog.
9. You are a list maker...always writing it down and planning ahead.
10. You are a fierce game player and I have almost learned never to accuse you of cheating...almost.
11. You are forever reading and tearing out or tabbing things that you think I need to read.
12. You are still in denial about your poor hearing. I think you secretly like it that you can't always hear me.
13. Your taste in music is eclectic. I love that you have both Patti LuPone and Lady Gaga on your playlist.
14.  We know all your stories by heart well, that we can even tell them for you.
15. You're still a morning person...and frequently let me sleep in...i'm grateful.
16. You still have a penchant for greasy diner food. I can always count on you to order a grilled cheese.
17. You have finally realized that you can wear colors other than blue. It's only taken...38 years.
18. You are a risk much so that it makes me nervous.
19. You are incredibly forgiving...especially when i'm a brat and pick a fight. You really are a good guy!
20. You are very thrifty...but you have come a long way...thank goodness.
21. I love that you can tie cherry stems into a knot with your tongue and pick up things with your toes.
22. You are my biggest fan...what more could a girl ask for?
23. You are such a genuinely happy person...some of it has even rubbed off on me. Dang it.
24. You almost always let me have it my way...even if I don't always think so.
25.  You love to travel...and even love to take me with you. Where do you want to go next?
26. You are always expressing your love to notes, in soft touches on my so many ways.
27. You are very handy...I am continually surprised at what you know how to do.
28. You still have the cutest bum...there's a reason HHS voted you best buns.
29. You are a very thoughtful person....always going to extra mile.
30. You are beyond did I get so lucky?
31. You are my most avid blog reader.
32. You are very spiritual and have a strong testimony.
33. You are incredibly supportive of all my hopes and dreams. I'm so lucky!
34. You are a hard worker...too hard sometimes.
35. You are a very deep feeling person, and actually very tender hearted. I forget that sometimes.
36. You are so talented...I am always amazed by what you can do.
37. You are incredibly loving and always try your best to make sure those you care about feel loved.
38. You are the best husband and father I could ever hope for.

I'm the luckiest girl in the world...and I hope you have the best birthday ever.


Lauril said...

Happy Birthday Troy!! Have fun blowing out all those candles. Denise, thanks for sharing the reasons you love him.

Heather said...

Awwwwwwwwww... what a sweetie! You guys are so cute together.

Charlene said...

Happy Birthday Troy!!

Mariko said...

Happy Birthday to Troy!

Also, cutest picture ever.

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