Sunday, February 20, 2011

O, My Aching Back

Oh my aching back.

But I did it. I finally got the garage clean. And I have the after photos to prove it. 

Honestly...I only have after photos because I was just too embarrassed to take before photos. 

But...everything is put away and organized and I have a MASSIVE salvation army pile. Can't wait to give it all away. (It's that pile on the right in the first photo -- and that's just a part of it!)

Still on my list is the basement and redoing my office. I envision many more advil filled days as my back protests all the cleaning...but I'm so excited to see the end results!


Mariko said...

It looks great!!

Lara said...

You're a better woman than me. I consider the garage solely a man's territory, therefore it only gets cleaned about once every other year or so. :)

EmmaJ said...

Great job!

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