Wednesday, February 16, 2011

murphy's law

well. it's been a day.

and the post i had planned for went out the window when i accidentally deleted the photos.


so's a few of my recent scrapbook pages:

here's joshy's 2nd birthday. he totally freaked out when he saw the candles. lol!

this is when mikayla donated her hair to locks of love.

this one is about joe...finally learning to love to read -- thank goodness for harry potter!

becky made this great chalk drawing. I had to scrap it!

this one is about emma's new haircut.

had to scrap mikayla at all county orchestra.

love this photo of katie -- just wiped out.

emma and katie in the snow.

our house in this last snow.

phew. it's so nice to be creating again -- all it took was a six month break! : )


Kari said...

Man, I love your scrapping style ... and your creative genius ... and YOU. I haven't created anything "for fun" in too long. I need to get back to it. Badly. Miss you, girl!

Shari said...

Your LO's are amazing to me. I'm glad to have you back. I need the inspiration. :)

Monique said...

Love these fun pages, the creative designs and bold titles! I just took a week off, I'm not sure that will do the trick!

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