Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Snow Day. Serious?

So... we about a 1/4" of snow and naturally just had to have a snow day.

Here we are at about 10 am:

And here we are at 1 pm:

Dude. Why didn't we have school?


Shari said...

Don't you just hate it when they don't at least call it a two hour late to see if there is even going to be any snow. You guys don't even have mountains in your area like we do here. They called a snow day last month and we didn't even get any snow until after 4pm. Ugh!!!

Charlene said...

My thoughts exactly!!! Except we had a two hour delay instead of a snow day!! I had big plans to quilt today and those two hour delays messed it up!!! Are we done with winter now????

Kimber said...

It looks like a "St. George" snow day to me :)

Lara said...

Yeah, I thought our 2-hour delay was about perfect. Seminary was canceled, the older kids got to sleep in, and the younger kids got to play outside before all the snow melted....then I got to shuffle them off to school.

Hilary said...

SERIOUSLY? That's insane.

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