Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Much Fun!!!

Oh my word. We have been waiting for this day for two years! Holy cow. A snow day.

I wasn't much...but of course, it doesn't take much out here for EVERYTHING to completely shut down.

The kids were so excited to watch it snow, and they could not wait to get outside.

They had a lot of fun...and I did too. I really enjoy these snowy days where we don't have anywhere to go, and can just play all day.

Of course, reality is going to hit soon enough, since Troy is out of town and I did not shovel out a thing today. Our driveway is going to be one giant slab of ice come the morning. Oh well. At least we had fun today.


I think Josh looks a little tired here. LOL!


Sarah said...

Wow, that's a lot of snow for Manassas! Looks like fun!

I used to love those snowy, nowhere-to-go days too. But now that I've had like 60 of them in a row it has lost some of its appeal.

Lara said...

Your kids look as happy as mine about the snow! Too bad you don't live closer, so I could send Spencer over to shovel your driveway for you.

alexandra said...

So cool that your house comes equipped with a sledding hill!

alamama said...

CAn't wait to see these in LOs!!

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