Thursday, January 29, 2009

Baby, It's Cold in HERE!!!!

29/365 Baby, It's Cold in HERE!!!

So, the furnace is still out...and we woke up to a nicely chilled house.

The kids are walking around in their hats and coats...and we are anxiously awaiting the part that will put us back in heat. In the meanwhile, Josh is warming his coat in front of the space heater, so it will be nice and toasty when he has to go to school. That kid's a thinker!

And I just had to show off this sweet photo of Becky.

Doesn't she look so grown up? eek!


Amy said...

I hope they get there soon!

Ours was out a couple of years ago for a couple of days. Thanks goodness for space heaters!

Robbie said...

Sorry about the furnace. That stinks you know it's going to be 60 here today. I'm sure Troy could get a job at Home Depot or something :) let me know I'll keep an eye out. By the way that photo of you when you were a kid is soooo sweet. No wonder your kids are so adorable.

Lara said...

That doesn't sound fun at all. Hope you're sleeping better tonight.

Jolinda said...

I was complaining today for my lack of fire building skills in the fireplace...I guess I should be grateful for the fireplace!

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