Friday, January 16, 2009

If I Could Save Time in a Bottle?

It has been crazy busy here...and I have to say, I like things a little slower. But, I guess if I don't get to pick and choose, I may as well enjoy it while I can.

I did a little bit of babysitting this week. And, aside from naked babies and spilt milk, it wasn't all too bad. At least I got to be of service to someone.

Now, for a little photo catch up. Still doing great taking my photos every day, but posting...if only there were a few more hours in the day!

13/365 On The Road Again

As we have become more and more busy, and there are so many things that fill our day, my kids spend more and more time in the car. Where Mikayla used to hate to ride in car, because she really didn't do it very often, these younger kids have all spent a considerable amount of time strapped into car seats running errands with me. Sigh. I miss being at home more.

14/365 Young Women Spa Night

I was worried about being in Young Women's, since it is a calling I have never had before. And I am grateful that my primary responsibility is the lesson on Sunday. But I am really enjoying the activities, and I am really enjoying the girls. They are the best. I am so lucky.

15/365 Burn, Baby, Burn

We read Farenheit 451 for book group and it was so great to be able to reread this book that I really loved when I was young. I still really enjoyed the book, and while I still felt I gained new insight in this reading, I remember worlds opening as concepts were learned for the very FIRST time. I don't have that same wide-eyed wonder, but I remember it fondly.

16/365 Baby, It's Cold Outside

Holy crap it's cold! I know that my friends in Minnesota and New Hampshire would tell me I have nothing to complain about...but I don't live there!!! I live here. And it should not be NEGATIVE 5 degrees (with wind chill) here. It's just wrong.


alexandra said...

So, what exactly is "split milk"?


Denise said...

yea, yea, yea. Everybody's a comedian.

Lara said...

When you figure out how to slow time down give me a call. I'll be the first in line to try it out!

(Fun photos)!

Kimber said...

I was also going to ask about the milk :)

As we watched the National Weather report this morning, I noticed that D.C. looked nice and frosty.
So, I'll try not to rub it in as I bask in our 60 degree weather :)

The Perkins said...

Wow, that is really cold...maybe you need to come visit us it is beautiful here!
We did a spa night for YW a couple of months ago too, it was a blast!

Jolinda said...

I know things are crazy for you when you don't post at least daily! I've missed you in my time off. I've been able to check a lot more often since I've been online more. Glad to see you back.

Jeff said...

Wow, -5 with the wind chill is just too, too cold. The weather in California has been crazy warm of late. In fact, I have been riding my bike in shorts and short sleeves.

Hilary said...

I will not mention our temperature today.
I loved YW's far more then I ever thought I would. And once in YW -- ALWAYS in YW... they just keep coming back (which I love).

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