Sunday, January 11, 2009

Be Still

I cannot believe how quickly this week went by. It has been non-stop.

But I have my last three photos of the week.

9/365 "Sick" Day

Joe got sick at school today. Poor guy. So, I went to get him and brought him home so he could lay down. Well, after a couple of hours rest, he wondered if it would be okay if he played video games, because it didn't require too much effort. LOL! Notice the blanket...his one concession to being "sick."

10/365 Fun and Games

We love getting together with our friends and playing games. Friday night we had the Taylors and the Kunz over and played Rock Band. Saturday night was the Hobbs and it was Dance Dance Revolution (that's DDR to you), and a rousing game of Puerto Rico. I don't what we would do without our friends. They are the best!

11/365 Sunday Dinner

We don't get to eat dinner together very often. Most nights Troy is still at work when we eat, so we really look forward to Sunday dinner. We are all together, we have a nice meal, and we get to visit with each other about our day and the week to come. And, it never hurts when dinner is a family favorite, like scones.

Sunday Musings

On a side note, today was church by the Beatty's. I spoke during sacrament meeting, Troy played the organ, then he went on teach primary music for the next two hours, and I taught third hour in Young Women's.

Ironically, my assigned topic was reverence, and it was an incredibly difficult topic to speak on. But it was a very rewarding course of study.

It really reminded me that I need to do I can to give my children opportunities to feel the spirit, so that they will learn to recognize when they are seeing the Lord's hand in their lives.

I think I would do well to provide a little more stillness, and a few more quiet moments, so that we all can learn to recognize the Holy Ghost. I know that as we have these quiet experiences, we will gain wisdom and understanding and be able to have these experiences even when it isn't so still.

Today was an especially spititual day for all us because we came to church fasting for our sweet nephew Lucas. He is one sick little boy, and we continue to pray for his speedy recovery.


Charlene said...

Miss playing games with you guys. We find it difficult to find people to play games with around here. Puerto Rico is one of our favorite games!

Lara said...

You're awesome to plan so many fun activities with friends. I keep thinking one of these days your example will rub off on me and we'll actually initiate a social activity!

Kimber said...

Good luck with the 365; I don't know if I could stick with it :)

Hilary said...

Taunting me with fried food.

Amy said...

That DDR war looked fun!

Hannah likes to remind me that she can score better than me. If would be fun to hook up 2 mats and go head to head!

The Valentine Fam said...

You guys are always doing something fun!!

Thank you for the fasting and prayers. We have such a great family and really appreciate everything.

Love ya.

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