Saturday, January 24, 2009


Joe had Blue and Gold Banquet and the Pinewood Derby last was a really nice event, and Joe's derby car turned out so nicely.

He poured over cars on the Internet, trying to decide what he wanted to do. And when he came across this "sweet" design, he couldn't resist.

He drew out the car, including the bite mark, and he and his dad cut it out.

Then Joe painted the car, and we found a real Hershey bar wrapper and glued it to the car.

Then, he and his dad attached the weights.

This was his second derby, and it was much more successful than last year...but, I just have to say, this is a tough group of boys...every one of their cars was phenomenal. We were just glad that Joe had such a good time and he even got a few first place finishes with his car!

And, finally a little 365 catch up.

21/365 Speed Scrap

So tonight was a speed scrap, and I have to say that I look forward to this all week. Once a week ScrapMatters, a scrap site I love, hosts a scrap night. It is online, and you get a new instruction every 10 minutes for an hour. At the end of the hour you post your layout online and everyone gets to see what you have done. It is so much fun. A little girl's night out, right in my own home.

22/365 The Dread Book Report

The kids really love school, and for the most part, they even enjoy all the projects and assignments that come with it. But the one assignment that I really dread is the book report. It is just a glorified art project, and one more thing that doesn't seem essential to learning. But, no matter how I feel about it, the kids all work really hard and always turn out something really great.

23/365 Brother Bear

In addition to the pinewood derby, Joe earned his bear badge tonight. He also earned three arrow points (that's 10 achievements per arrow point). Let me just tell you, that's a dang lot of work! I am proud of him and his success!


alamama said...

Congrats!!! Our son was in scouts and they do work hard!!

Kimber said...

Wow, all of our family was impressed with Joe's creative!

Could I get some info on the Scrap Matters "girls' night in"?

Melanie said...

I love all of these pics! I'm stealing the idea for the SS pic next week.

Lara said...

I LOVE the derby car...that is so fun and creative! We've never done very well at the Pinewood Derby ourselves, but even winning a few races is so heartening for them and their hard work.

Heather said...

(waving) Hi, Denise! Just here to catch up on your life. LOL. I'm curious: you mentioned that you've been to Korea before, which I haven't done since I left 30 years ago. !!! How much Korean do you speak? Do you read and write? It's so cool, we're sisters in a way! ;)

Stacy said...

That has got to be the coolest derby car I have ever seen...awesome pictures as well!!!

alexandra said...

Love the car, Joe! And congrats on the arrow points. And Denise, I must tell you that sewing arrow points has been the bane of my existence. It's such a bear (get it? haha!).

Charlene said...

That is one awesome pinewood derby car!!!! I am glad that he had fun with it.

Emily Merchant said...

Still loving the car from the pictures. See, cub scouts really is awesome...

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