Saturday, January 3, 2009

Master and Slave

3/365 All Play, No Work

This Christmas break has been party city. We have all been living it up! And, all play, and no work means I get to be a slave to the laundry machine this coming week. Oh well, it was worth it!


Melanie said...

What an adorable polka-dot blanket. Your laundry is the cutest ever.

alexandra said...

Yeah, I've gotten my laundry done, which means, I guess, that I haven't gone to as many parties as you do. {sigh}

Oh, and your Christmas "Peppermint Bark" is in the fridge still. Shall I drop it by?

Jen said...

Hi! So fun to catch up with your family. I will send you an invite to our family blog. It is no where as cute or ambitious as yours! Love ya-Jen Hardy

Kimber said...

I have also been tackling the laundry monster after our oldest kids all returned from their Christmas trips with friends!

The Beatty Beehive said...

I'm down to laundry for three kids instead of six! It's heavenly, I can actually get it done in a day!
Happy sock matching!

Heather said...

How funny, this was my activity for the day as well. I {heart} my front loaders - I usually have a load start at 4am, then it's waiting for me to move over to the dryer by the time I wake up. Pure genius, whoever invented the idea.

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