Monday, January 26, 2009

Ancient of Days

Why do we have to get old?

And really, why do we have to feel old?

EVERY, SINGLE time the kids hit a milestone, big or small, I start to feel, well, ANCIENT.

Mikayla attended her first youth fireside tonight, and since parents were invited, we went together.

It was a really great fireside, and I especially enjoyed the video taped presentation by Elder Jeffrey R. Holland. His message was basically, be who you are and stand up for what you believe in, because it's better that you live your life for something that matters, than to waste it on something that doesn't.

And, even with the great message, periodically, I couldn't help but glance over at Mikayla and wonder where the years went!

They also a youth choir tonight that did a really lovely job. And again, as I looked upon these kids, I cannot help but think that they have some major trials ahead of them...that my own children will face these major trials, and I hope and pray that they are prepared.

Frankly, life is going to require these kids' "A" game, and for me, that means that I need to bring my "A" game in helping them to prepare for the future.

They truly are the youth of the noble birthright...but it doesn't seem like it takes much for them to get off the wrong track. I guess, for me, it was the realization that I CAN and SHOULD do more for my kids. We could be a lot better about prayers and scriptures, and family home evening. If they are going to have a firm foundation, it all starts at home.

In unrelated blogging news, I have felt like my 365 project is taking over my blog, so, while I am going to keep on posting, I am also going to work a little harder at remembering to tell the other stories too.

Because, believe me, there are other stories! lol!


Anonymous said...

It's so nice when you can capture my thoughts and post them...I can completely relate about the fireside. Both my children sought my eye contact when one youth responded to the survey question, What makes you sad?" with "never being able to live up to my mom's expectations". Nice. Another Burdick under the bus!

BTW, fabulous derby car!


Charlene said...

Roger and i have been thinking along the same lines, especially preparing another move. What is best for our children to help them in the world today. I agree with starts in the home.

Hilary said...

Denise, you are old -- with a YW? WHAT THE HECK?
I don't even want to think about what my kids are gonna get to go through. I just pray the second coming comes fast. Even if I burn, baby burn. :)

Amberlyn said...

It's hard not to feel ancient when your kids start to get older.

I completely agree with you about scripture study, prayer and FHE.

I want my children to be armed with the gospel and they can that strength through those simple principles.

You are doing a GREAT job!!! I am ALWAYS so impressed with your Mothering skills.

alamama said...

I know how you feel. DD turned 13 too. I do love beubg in my 30's though! What a blessing to be able to watch our kids grow into the tyoe of people God wants them to! Your kids see like great kids!

Lara said...

In the process of sharing your thoughts and feelings, you've also expressed many of mine. I never really understood the phrase, "They grow so fast" until the last few years when I look at my teen-age son and wonder how he's not still a toddler.

Jolinda said...

Aren't parenting "Ah-hah" moments the best?!? I love it when I am spiritually fed and then inspired to do something to improve on what I'm already doing. It's a great feeling and a gift from our Heavenly Father to let us know we really can do the things He's asked us to do. These moments happen because you want what's best for your kids. What a great Mom you are!

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