Monday, January 5, 2009

It's A GOOD Thing

So, I am doing okay taking the photos for Project 365, but finding the time to post them has been the problem. So, here's two.

4/365 9 a.m. church

Does this happy little face need any explanation? It was tough to get up early and get ready for 9 am church, but everyone was so happy to go, come home, and still have the entire day ahead of us. And having church come BEFORE nap time, rather than DURING nap time is a GOOD thing.

5/365 "Rest" Day Off

The one thing I really love about Troy's job is that he gets every other Monday off, as a "rest" day. But, rarely does he get to rest. He invariably has to check his e-mail, answer phones calls, and of course, travel. But, it's still really nice to have him home every now again.

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