Saturday, January 3, 2009

Project 365

So, I am jumping on the Project 365 band wagon.

Basically, it's a photo-a-day, and a little journaling to document a year in the life. (It is NOT a giant, one layout a day scrapbook. I will be organizing my photos and journaling in a weekly format...and some of the photos could also be memorabilia...ticket stubs, receipts, etc.)

I am hoping to be able to keep this up, and I figure, if nothing else, it will be a regular reason to blog. In addition, I hope to work on my photography skills, and really capture something of the everyday of our lives.

I have been taking the photos (you know, both of them), but I haven't been able to post yet.

So, here are the first two days, and I will come back with Day 3 later.

1/365 Goodbye Christmas.

I love Christmas so much, and putting the decorations away is always bittersweet. Especially, this year, because I just didn't feel like it was long enough. But the years pass so quickly now, that Christmas will be here again before we know it.

2/365 Bowling, Beatty Style

We don't do nearly as many family outings as I would like. Life seems to keep us pretty busy. But when we do manage a day out, we always have a blast. Teaching the kids new things is Troy's forte, and I love watching everyone have such a good time.

[On a side note, Mikayla got three strikes and bowled a 125 - her best game ever!]


Melanie said...

LOL! Love the bowling pic!

Me said...

Love the bowling pic. DD seems to just miss breaking the floor!!

Charlene said...

Looking forward to many, many, many Beatty stories!!!

Amberlyn said...

What a fantastic idea!!!

I guess I'm going to have to borrow your idea and use it for myself.

I look forward to 365 days of Beatty.

The Perkins said...

Happy New Year you guys. We missed you at the family parties! Love ya.

alexandra said...

The 365 Project sounds cool, but if I started it I'd be how many days behind? Shoot, I don't even know the date. And then there's still the fact that I have to blog about the last quarter of 2008. Denise, how do you do it?

Oh, and the bowling bums pic is awesome!

Angie said...

Cute picture!

Jolinda said...

Love those bowling Beatty butts! LOL!! Great idea, thogh I'd NEVER be able to keep it up. Kudos to you and more Beatty posts.

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