Saturday, January 3, 2009

Party Like It's 1989

I have been trying to find a few mintues to blog and post some photos...but this Christmas vacation has been one non-stop party.

The kids have all had multiple sleepovers, a couple of parties, play dates, and LOTS of wii time.

We rang in the new year with a party at the Kunz house. It was TOTALLY fun, like, Oh, my, gosh.

Okay, if you couldn't tell, it was 80's themed.

Andrea and Rob got Rock Band for Christmas, so we had a battle of the bands, 80's style. Everyone dressed up and rocked out.

I went with the side pony tail, poofy skirt, leg warmer's, and a denim jacket with buttons on it.

Troy went 80's nerd, with pegged pants, tucked in shirt, and braided belt, looped over itself. (That's him and Leslie.)

Troy is convinced that Andrea has an inner rocker.

I think he's right.


Hilary said...

Umm... did Troy really dress-up?

Andrea said...

Not only is Troy convinced, so am I!!

Troy said...

This is in response to Hilary's comment: Hilary -- You seem to have forgotten that I was (and still am) the empitome of style. When people think GQ, they think, "Troy Beatty!" ;-)

Seriously, it was very easy to dress 80's style -- I only had to peg my pants!

alexandra said...

Um, and you still have those clothes in your closet for WHAT reason?

Angie said...

I was excited to see the leg warmers, where is the rest of the picture? Troy does look the same because like he said, classic GQ.

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