Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Musings

We have been sitting down the dinner more as a family this year and it has been a really transformative experience for us.

We spent a good deal of the last year running in several different directions each night and not really finding time to eat as a family.

My goal this year has been to cook...not only to have good meals for the family, but also so that we would carve out that time for our family every day.

In addition to eating together, we also have started to use this time as our family scripture study. We spend some time eating and talking, and then we pull out the scriptures and read.

It has been a great blessing. 

Not only are we reading the scriptures together, but I have noticed that this time together has fostered a little more love and a little less contention in our house. We are getting along better, serving more and really growing as a family.

In fact, the scripture reading is going so well...I am finding that as the scriptures are coming alive for us, we have better discussions and the kids want to read more.

We are currently in Mosiah and learning about Abinadi and King Noah. The kids have been fascinated by this story and look forward to hearing more each day.

We have been reading one chapter at a time ... and the story has gotten so good the kids don't want to stop. I have to say that it has been such a joyous experience for me to see them so into it. One night this week, when I closed the book, they were actually disappointed.

As a mother -- I just want to yell -- O happy day!

Something is working.

Isn't that all you need know that something (anything) you are doing is having an impact?

It's funny how the smallest changes can make the biggest difference! 


K said...

That is just so gorgeous, made me teary!

Hilary said...

They actually had a talk about this in our stake conference (that was broadcast from SLC)... about how it's the small things. Imean, I KNOW it's the small things...
But it's just kind of surprising that it really is. :)

Lara said...

Beautifully written. I've always been amazed at the blessings that come from the simplest efforts on our part.

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