Monday, January 17, 2011

Menu Monday

Still cooking.

I don't know if you are getting anything out of these menu posts, but I have to say I am loving it.

I am enjoying trying all these new recipes, but in addition to that I am loving having all my meals (and the recipes) posted where I can easily refer to them.

Last weeks meals were great. We made everything except the enchiladas -- Mikayla had a basketball game and it messed up our schedule -- so we had a leftover night. I am planning on an crock pot night next time there is basketball.

We will be adding the pork sandwiches, chili, ribolitta, and pork tenderloin to our family menu.

Although I personally (and Troy too) REALLY loved the curry soup and the shrimp tacos -- and I mean REALLY LOVED -- the kids were not fans, so it's no go for those.

And as for Josh -- he LOVED the pork sandwiches. He ate two! 

This week's recipes are from the blog Our Best Bites

Chicken Cacciatore
Cashew Sweet and Sour Pork
Beef Stew
Potato Soup
Sweet and Savory Flank Steak


Melanie said...

I like the menu posts!

Happy Scrap Girl said...

Loving the recipe links Denise - I'm cooking again too - and my DH thanks you, lol!

Something Wilde said...

I like the menus too! I've put a few of them in our rotation to see if we like them. In our family...I'm the picky one!

Hilary said...

I have a binder of family favorites, and then I try to do about 1/2 of those, and 1/2 of new stuff I find. It's a good mix so the kids aren't overwhelmed by a lot of new tastes, but are still moving out of their box.
And, like many family menus a lot of the new recipes are still a variation on a theme...

The Valentine Fam said...

The chicken caccitore is on my menu this week too! So far everything I've made from this website had been delicious!

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