Saturday, January 15, 2011

O Happy Day!

It has been a long road, but we were notified this week that the school went ahead and purchased the equipment  Emma needed to be able to hear in class.

O happy day! 

I wasn't sure how it would work, but after trying out the system and seeing the HUGE difference it made in Emma's life, the school agreed that she needed the equipment. And it's hers for as long as she's in middle school.

Of course, we have to do this all over again when she starts high school, but i'll fight that battle when we get there.
This is the transmitter. The teacher wears this around their neck with a little microphone.

This is the receiver. Emma wears one at the bottom of each hearing aid and it puts the teacher's voice right into her hearing aids. She can hear no matter what the noise in the classroom.


Chelle said...

Yea! Happy for you!!!

Our schools have several of them...Marky's teachers all use them.

Everything goes great 'til you loose that tiny little piece off the bottom of the hearing aides...that doesn't make the school very happy....for three weeks...'til your DH's car dies and he ends up buying a new one and while he's moving all his "stuff" out of the backseat of the car he finds some little grey thing that looks like it might be important...ACK!

delilas said...

That is great that PS would do that for a Student. All the fights that we fight for our kids are so worth it to them.


Erica said...

There was a guy I grew up with (from about Jr. High to High School) who used a system similar to that. I had a lot of classes with him, and the teachers always wore the little mic and had a transmitter. He was one of the smartest kids I knew.. He had two friends (they played basketball together on the high school team) who also helped him in case he missed anything, and as I recall, they ended up going to college together and I'm pretty sure are still best friends.. and it all started as a "will you help out Miguel in class?" type thing when they were like 13.. But aaaaanyway, I'm glad she got what she needed, now hopefully it won't be such a battle when she goes to HS too!

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