Friday, January 14, 2011

Basketball Diaries

I lost my voice tonight. Screaming.'s not what you think.

It was in fact basketball. (I were thinking I was yelling at ... Troy. : ) )

These girls might not have won...but they sure have heart. (If only they had elbows too...okay...kidding..sort of.)

They are just so darn nice. But, I think with a little more practice we have the makings of a pretty fine team.

Plus, they had fun.

And that's all that really matters.


Andrea said...

Will you come and scream at my game?!

Lara said...

Screaming at a game is a fun way to get a scratchy throat! I'm not much of an athlete, but I have fun memories of church basketball from my youth.

Kimber said...

Way to show your support!

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