Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Don't Judge Me

I have spent the last couple of days sorting through clothes, shoes, and even halloween costumes.

My house is a disaster...but soon...most of these clothes will be finding new homes...or going to the salvation army.

It was a walk down memory lane to sort through all my baby clothes. WOW. I had a lot of stuff!

It was so fun to remember my kids wearing all those teeny, tiny little clothes. Made me almost wish for a baby. (ALMOST...but no, sorry Troy.)

I have been saving pretty much everything that I though the kids might wear again...and since I haven't had a boy since Josh, that's 7 extra years worth of baby clothes. And sooooo many more girl clothes on top of that.

But, really. Why am I hanging on to all this stuff? 

No reason other than I just felt like I needed to save it. But, luckily, now I feel like it's time to give it away.

I managed to get all the baby clothes down to just one bin that I just couldn't bear to part with.

But I have boxes and boxes and bags of things to give away...and don't even get me started on the shoes.

Don't judge me.

But seriously...there had to be 50 pairs of shoes. Maybe more. 


That's insane.


Melanie said...

I had a whole bin of shoes just size 1-6. You'll be so relieved to see it go! Way to go.

Divine Domestication said...

I'm impressed - 1 bin! I need to follow your lead... if I can ever find all my bins in my storage unit.

Sarah said...

Oh I hear ya. We have six years of boy clothes going unused as well. I also have the urge to purge, but will hang onto them just in case another boy comes along. It is so fun (and tearjerking!) to go through old baby clothes!

Lara said...

Don't be worried about the 50 shoes....that sounds just about right for 6 quickly growing kids. :) I bet you're going to love your new found closet space now.

Something Wilde said...

Live and let go...good for you!

Hilary said...

Um, wasn't it YOU that told me to get rid of everything but one bin.
I'm glad you're taking your own advice my dear. :)

EmmaJ said...

No judging, just a big THANK YOU!

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