Saturday, January 29, 2011

Keeping Memories

My life got so busy I just had to let some things I closed my shop at ScrapMatters and gave up most of my creative teams. While, that was hard to do, the upside is that I am finally scrapping again.

It isn't much, just a page here and there, but it's so great to be preserving our families memories.

I am working now on making sure that everything is spelled right on my finished pages and sending them off to be printed. Can't wait to have all those pages filling up my sadly empty scrapbooks!

These first two are actually updates of older pages that I wasn't happy with. I hardly ever feel like i'm "done" with a page ...but I am finally getting rid of the original layered files and sending them to print.

(Kit: EZ Wishes from Erica Zane)

(Kit: Battle for the Galaxy, Lauren Grier and Penny Springmann)

And this is a totally new page I scrapped.

(Kit: Passion Fruit, DeCrow Designs)

Going over my's been fun to see my style change. I am finally feeling like i'm coming into my own.

One page from 2007, one from 2008 and one from 2010.

Think i'll ever get caught up?


EmmaJ said...

I like all of those pages! Glad you are scrapping again. I think a crop is in order.

Andrea said...

Was that really 2007? Doesn't it seem so long ago? I still love that pic! And the layout isn't too shabby, too!

Kimber said...

Love the pics and layouts...if you think of an easy way to get caught up, pass it my way. I'm so far behind!!

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