Friday, January 7, 2011

Craft On

I have been in a crafty mood...and paper and wreaths are at the top of my list.

This was my first...made with old book pages and a styrofoam wreath form.

The darker leaves were baked.

Then came this apple, also made from an old book.

This next wreath cause a little more of a stir when Troy say I had cannibalized some sheet music for the cause. wasn't music he played and the wreath turned out awesome. I will post another full photo of the wreath when I have a little more light.

This wreath is made with a scallop punch and brown paper lunch sacks. i love it!

And here is my newest one...made with cream felt roses. I finished this today...but ran out of light to take a photo. Even half done I love it.

It's been so nice to finally feel inspired to really try and decorate our house. We've been here five years and we have had a lot of bare walls. I have more to show, but that's a good start.

What crafts do you have going? Any good links?


Melanie said...

As many crafts as I've made recently, seeing all these reminded me of all the ones I still want to do!

Jamie said...

Wow! You went wreath crazy!!! They all look so cute! How long did it take you to make all of those rosettes?!! It looks awesome!

delilas said...

You go girl!

Kimber said...

I've been away from blogging for a while, so I just got around to reading your last several posts:

a) Katie is the cutest sunbeam :)
b) I love Emma's hair!
c) I hope Mikayla had a great time at the dance.
d) The wreaths are awesome!

Hilary said...

Denise, those are SO cute!

Lara said...

Love it!

EmmaJ said...

I love the scallop punch wreath- I want instructions please.

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