Sunday, April 6, 2008

True Confessions

So here's my true confession.

I don't really enjoy listening to conference.

I have a hard time concentrating (or even hearing) with the children banging around and talking...and even when they are being good and paying attention it still sounds like a herd of elephants!

But I LOVE getting the conference issue of the Ensign. I look forward to its arrival and the opportunity to really study what was said.

I am, however, glad that I got the opportunity to listen to President Monson. I really feel like I was blessed to know for myself that he is the man that is supposed to lead the Church...and I am grateful for that witness.

And I am also grateful for both Elder Bednar and Elder Ballard's talks. Each conference talk that Elder Bednar has given since becoming an apostle has spoked directly to me...and what mom with little kids wouldn't LOVE all that Elder Ballard had to say?

So, even if I have a hard time listening to conference, I am still grateful for it...and for all the opportunities that we have to be instructed by servants of the Lord!


Amberlyn said...

I hear you on this one!!! I whole heartedly agree with you on Bro. Ballard's talk. Loved everything about it!!! It sounds like you really enjoy reading the Ensign. This is something that I haven't found a lot of joy in. I need to follow your example.

Amy said...

I love Elder Ballard's talk as well. I want to frame it when it comes in the mail!

I love listening to Conference. It's my license to sit down for 8 hours in a weekend and do nothing but be spiritually fed.

I never read the Conference issue though- I'm going to make time for that this time.

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