Thursday, April 3, 2008

Not So Divine Design

Apparently, I'm on a home improvement roll.

Becky was trying to get her coat out of the coat closet, and pulled the shelf and rod all the way was a little scary to hear the HUGE crash (the 72 hour kits were one the shelf!), but luckily she was okay.

So, while I don't have a before of the closet, here's the after. There used to be just one shelf and now there are two! One for big people and one for little people. (And I would like to say that this job required me to cut first time...and I still have ALL my fingers. Yea me.) related news...Becky has decided she needs a home decorating job of her here is her first attempt on the sunroom door, with some glue and the brand new family photo Troy's mom just sent us...grrr...


The Valentine Family said... are one busy girl! I love the new paint in the family room. The little craft is so cute, very creative! I'm terrified of heights and if my ceilings were that tall, the color would never have changed! Good Job!

Andrea said...

Becky sure has the idea! That decorating diva!

Amy said...

I love the closet- I think I'm going to do that to mine- if you don't mind me being a copy cat!

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