Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Too Smart For Me

I am sorry to rant about school again, but I guess after every big project one of the kids completes, I HAVE to ask, WHAT IS THE SCHOOL THINKING?

Mikayla completed her science fair project, and I thought that she did a really good job.

But, in addition to the scince fair board, she also had to complete a research paper...which, when finished was 13 pages LONG! It included a title page, a table of contents, project information, a scientific research paper, a data table, a graph, and a bibliography. HOLY CRAP!

Is it just me? Or does this seem a little much for the 5th GRADE!

I just don't remember doing ANYTHING like this when I was that age...when did I even start to do stuff like this, maybe 9th grade?

She worked on her project for a month.

I am REALLY proud of her...but I am also worried about the future...I know that this is just the beginning! What am I going to do when she KNOWS more than I do, and I can no longer help her when she has questions about her homework?

At this rate, that might be next year!


Kimber said...

That does seem like a rather stiff requirement for a 5th grader.

We've reached the point where Bronson's and Krissia's math skills have surpassed mine....and all I can do when they need help is swallow my pride and tell them to ask their teacher!

Amberlyn said...

Am I smarter then a 5th grader? The answer to that would be NO. I have been out of school for way to long to remember even simple multiplication problems!!!
We're just going to have to face it, our children are going to be smarter then us.
And I think they need to be.

The Valentine Family said...

Ok...you're starting to scare me! This does not make me excited at all...

The Perkins said...

Wow, that sounds and looks like a ton of work...for 5th grade especially!

Tell Mikayla I think her project looks really good!

Amy said...

I defer to Ed on everything Math or Science related. I do the English, Composition and Spelling.

That's because Hannah does know more than me in Math and Science!

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