Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm a Crafty One!

I went to craft group again last night. This time it was paper topiaries.

I really like mind turned out. I am planning a wall grouping over the fireplace that is going to be brown and green, so I wanted to bring a little more green into the room.

It's crazy...I have spent the last three years HATING the green in my family room, and now I am brining it back...although just a little!


Brianna said...

Those are too cute. I'm sure you remember how not crafty I am! I did come to your stamping parties all those years ago and faked my way through them!

Amberlyn said...

A giant wall of Green is just not right, but accented in a room of Brown is beautiful!!!

Good Job Girl!!! They look GREAT!!!

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