Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Musings

Today's lesson in Relief Society was on the priesthood.

It was an excellent lesson.

I have a testimony of the power of the priesthood, and I am really grateful that my husband is such an honorable man and takes his responsibilities seriously.

At the same time, I don't know if I have a good explanation for people not in the church about why only men have the priesthood.

I know for myself that this is what God wants, and I don't have a problem with it, but is that enough of an explanation for others? (I say this in the context of answering questions about the church that I have recieved, and not for any personal need to understand why it's so.)

I am grateful for the gospel and the restoration of priesthood power. I am also extremely grateful for personal revelation and prayer.

On a side note, Troy had a wonderful trip to Poland, the country where he served his mission. It has been many years since he had been back and he got to visit with many people that he worked with as a missionary.

I have been trying to get Troy to write a little something up for the blog, but he hasn't had a lot of spare time...but I did want to share one thing.

One of he people that he was able to see was a girl that he had baptized while on his mission. She is doing REALLY well and currently serves as both the Relief Society President and the seminary teacher (holy cow!).

She is also engaged to be married to another member, which from what Troy tells me doesn't happen very often, and they are getting married in the temple!

She is really a wonderful person, and I know that Troy feels deeply privileged to have taught and baptized her.

Well, she has also been asked by the Church to help re-translate the standard works into Polish! What an amazing undertaking! And how great that Troy got to play a small part in that. (It's the priesthood in action!)


Kimber said...

I'm also grateful for a husband who is a worthy priesthood holder; this has blessed our family in so many ways!

P.S. Summer 2009 sounds great :)

Amy said...

I'm sure my explanation of why women don't have the Priesthood isn't doctrinally based so take this for what it is.... Amy's explanation.

Women don't have the Priesthood because they don't need it. Or rather, the spiritual gifts that women are inherently born with are just as powerful.

The Priesthood has always been held by men, from the beginning of time. I often wonder what the women spirits were doing when our world was created. I believe they were doing just what we are doing now. They were teaching, inspiring, leading, directing and nurturing the work that needed to be done in the Spirit World.

I cannot imagine the Gospel of Jesus Christ running smoothly or at all without women, or obviously, without the Priesthood.

Ed and I were talking after Conference about Pres. Monson's closing remarks regarding his wife. That old saying came to me, "Behind every great man, is a better woman."

I rejoice (I know it's a strong word for a blog) that men and women have different roles. I am grateful for the Gifts of the Spirit that I was born with. I'm also grateful for my husband who honors his Priesthood. The two of us make a pretty good pair.

Brianna said...

That is a great mission story for Troy! I'm glad you shared it!

The Perkins said...

I had the opportunity to teach the lesson today. It was an amazing one, I learned so much! That is an awesome story about the girl troy taught.

Amberlyn said...

I love how Amy so eloquently expressed her feelings on the priesthood. It is exactly how I feel.
She some what echoed what my husband said a couple of weeks ago. Men need the priesthood to help them serve more. Women naturally nurture, help, comfort, lead and guide others. Maybe the men need priesthood to help them along these same paths.

It's amazing the power that missionaries have. Troy truly blessed that woman's life for bringing the gospel to her and thus she is continually blessing the lives of others.

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