Thursday, April 10, 2008

Heavy Metal 101

So, my daughter is head banger.

No, not the heavy metal, AC/DC type of head banger.

What I mean is, Katie cruises around using her little arms and her little legs, but when she needs one more appendage to turn or move in some unusual fashion, she uses her head...literally. And without fail, every SINGLE time she does it, she bangs her head on the ground first!

Consequently, she has little bruises on her know, the kind your kid ALWAYS gets the morning of the family picture?

I am not sure what to do about this. She isn't really hurting herself, and she does seem to be getting better.

But, just in case, in preparation for her future career as the lead singer for Black Sabbath, we are excited that she has at least perfected the requisite hair do.


Amberlyn said...

Rock On!!! Go Head Banger!!! She'll be fine. It's most likely just a phase that she will grow out of. I tell myself that every time my children ease into something that I don't like.
In the mean time -- Sweet Hair!!!

Charlene said...

Blake use to bang his forehead on the ground when he was mad...until he discovered cement sidewalks!

Amy said...

Remember Alex and his Perma-Bruise?

That's funny! I love watching kids to learn how to move their bodies and get around. And they each seem to do it their own way.

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