Monday, April 7, 2008

Good Husbands

So Troy is out of town, AGAIN!

And my dryer wasn't working was taking three cycles to get one load of laundry dry...and we don't have time for that here. Laundry for 8 takes constant vigilance!

So, because I have a problem with heights and ladders and the dryer vent is two stories up, kind Andrea lent me her good husband Rob to come and get the bird's nest out of my dryer vent.

Well, three birds nests and two ACTUAL birds later...let's hope that does the trick! (Again, good thing it was Rob up there becuase when those birds flew out of the vent I just about had a heart attack...and I was on the ground! I would have fallen off the ladder FOR SURE!)

And in the mean time, one more couple for Troy to take out to dinner when he gets back!


lbugsh2 said...

Rob is awesome. Way to go.

Andrea said...

So glad Rob didn't fall off that ladder! He said the birds scared him to death!

I'm surprised you didn't take a picture of it! Instead you put up those lame pictures. I give you permission to take them down!

Charlene said...

How many dinners does Troy owe?

Lara said...

Aren't good friends wonderful?

Amy said...

Before I read the comments, I was going to say..."I'm surprised Andrea let you post that picture!"

You know about my fear of birds- that would have sent me to the funny farm for sure- or at least a hotel until my husband got back.

Remember that time your attic door moved in the Condo- creepy! Birds are worse- good job being strong!

Troy said...

I think that you're just using all of these little projects as a way to get to go out to dinner with other fun couples because I told you I would fix the dryer vent when I got back....!!

Seriously, thanks Rob (and Andrea for agreeing to lend her kind husband). I definitely owe you one! (Cute pic, BTW.)

Also -- Rob, I'm glad you didn't fall off the ladder when the birds flew out as a lawyer never likes to be sued, and I wouldn't have wanted you to sue me for negligence!

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