Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Warning: Patheic Mom Alert

Well...I knew the day would come...but I wasn't prepared for it to come so soon.

My firstborn has gone away to her first sleep away camp (Girl's Camp) and I am so unprepared for how much I miss her.

Oh my gosh. Why didn't someone tell me it would be this hard to watch her grow up and get big?


Seriously. I know she is having a great time. And I know she is in good hands. And I KNOW she doesn't miss me at all.

But, none of that stuff makes me feel any better. And frankly, I can't believe I even feel this way.

Sheesh. I miss my baby.


Jeff said...

She misses you, too. :-)

Charlene said...

You're not alone, my friend!! I just sent my oldest to scout camp two weeks ago, and I thought I had at least another year!! You'll survive and she will have a blast!!!

Me said...

I know the feeling.

Lara said...

With youth conference and Scout Camp one right after the other I'm feeling the same pangs with Spencer gone. Cami goes off to her first Girl's Camp in a couple of weeks and I know I'm going to be the "pathetic" mom all over again.

Hilary said...

I missed my mom at camp. And if I missed my mom, everyone does. :)

Heather said...

I think we will always be reactive to our children's growth. Go have a glass of wine and toast yourself and your good parenting skills, Denise. Your daughter is a beautiful, intelligent, wise girl. At least the little I know of her. ;)

Kinda like her mom, I guess.

The Beatty Beehive said...

oh honey just wait it gets "better"! You are doing just fine, promise. Take a deep breath. She'll be back in no time!

Jolinda said...

I feel your pain. My kids get to go to G&G's in Utah for 1-2 weeks every summer. Roxie started Girl's Camp last year and this is her week to be gone. I've missed her greatly as I do every time she's gone. I will be seeing her later today and am looking very forward to it. Love you...all is well in missing your kids. It's a good thing.

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