Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ride On

Just had to post about my belated birthday present...well..actually I got the present on just didn't happen until yesterday.

Melanie and Andrea gave me a ticket to King's Dominion and the three of us and our hubby's all went yesterday...with no kids!

Do we seem too happy?

I actually think it's been more than 10 years since I went to an amusement park without kids. And it was a blast!! (Although I am getting OLD, cause I am feeling the effects today of having overdone it yesterday!) oy.

We went on every ride...and even all the ones in the water park.


Oh. Just everything.

We have a running joke that Andrea and Troy always seem to get paired up whenever we go here's Rob keeping an eye on them.

The girls all wussed out on the Drop it was me and the guys.

Troy was his usual camera shy self...and would only allow me to take 10 photos of him the entire day. But...I do love this one...cause I can really see Joe in there. the end of the day, Melanie conquered her fear of heights and rode the drop zone. I particularly enjoyed listening to Travis give Melanie a hard time as we rode to the top.

Seriously...we laughed all day birthday...EVER.

Thanks guys.


Monique said...

Looks like a fabulous day was had by all!

Andrea said...

RIDE ON! LOVE LOVE our jumping pick!!! I need a copy (haha)!!

Melanie...I'm DISAPPOINTED in you for falling into the peer pressure!

alexandra said...

Okay, Denise. You are the only person I know that would take a good camera to Kings Dominion so you could take blogable/scrapable pictures.

I don't sound extremely jealous, do I?

Emily Merchant said...

Wow! No kids! That really has got to be the best gift EVER! Glad you had so much fun.

Lara said...

Amusement park without kids sounds way fun!

Me said...

HAppy Birthday! YOu all can jump really high!

Kimber said...

Looks like fun, ESPECIALLY the Drop Zone!!

Jen said...

I'm so sad I miss out!
Looks like you had a blast!!!!!

Hilary said...

Yeah, I think we went with you just under 9 years ago -- Conner was just born the day we all went, and he just turned 9.
Ahhh, memories.

Amberlyn said...

I always thought going to an amusement park with just your husband, and no kids would be a blast. You just proved that my theory was right.

And yes, you guys can jump really high!!

Heather said...

You crazy kids. ;)

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