Friday, July 31, 2009

Pull the Other One

We have had a great time having Evan and Anna stay with us. I have to say...and please don't tell Troy this...but it really hasn't been a big deal having two more children in the house.

I think i'm a little more tired...but the children themselves have been great. They have been really good and haven't even asked me once where mom and dad are. (Sorry Andrea.)

Evan is a little character. He cracks me up. he was getting dressed I had him put clean underwear on...a daily MUST for a little boy.

Evan was unable to get his undies on by himself and asked me to help him.

"I can't put my underwear on."

"Evan, yes you can."

" help me."

"Evan, I know you can put your own underwear on. Come on dude."

"My mommy and my daddy put my underwear on for me every day."


I have a feeling he is trying to put one over on me...but for the life of me I can't figure out what it is.


delilas said...

Oh my gosh Evan looks just like Jared in this picture. In fact one of my kids was looking over my shoulder and said, "they are just show how well is lip healed."
I'm glad everything is going well for that home full of cherubs.

Andrea said...

As Evan's mother, I am here to tell you that he DOES put on his own underwear!

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