Saturday, August 1, 2009

Possible Job Opening

Well...we have come to conclusion that the tooth fairy is indeed related to the Easter Bunny.

Josh lost a tooth at the beginning of the week.

And he has been waiting patiently for the tooth fairy to come and take the tooth. In fact...he even had to put up a little sign so no one would bother his tooth while he waited.

Poor guy.

What we are finding is that the tooth fairy actually likes to come in the middle of the day...right after you have checked your tooth and asked your mom why the tooth fairy hasn't come yet and can you please write her a note?

But...poor job skills was totally worth the wait.

Don't you think?


Jamie said...

Sounds like the same toothfairy comes to house! :)

alexandra said...

So shiny! Lucky kid.

alexandra said...

Oh, I forgot to mention, maybe the tooth fairy was just waiting until after you got the "before" shot before she came and took the tooth. It would be a real stinker if you missed it!

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