Sunday, August 2, 2009

The Universe is Speaking

Do you ever feel like the universe is trying to tell you something?

Do you ever feel like there is a message someone wants you to hear?

Do you ever feel're about to have a moment...but you don't know if you're ready?


I'm there.

I keep hearing the same message over and over church, at home, in random places that have nothing even remotely spiritual about them...except that I am there...and apparently hard of hearing.

How many times do you have to hear something before you get up and do?

I'm not sure what that number is for me...but I think i'm close to finding out.

p.s. this is NOT about having another's just me thinking out loud.


alexandra said...

Woah, that's pretty deep. I'm sure the number of times that it takes for you to hear the universe is inversely proportional to the square of the number of children you have. Maybe that's why it's taking so long.

lilluv89 said...

Is his about having another kid?

Emily Merchant said...

I know what you mean. Sometimes though I think it takes all those sources to help solidify the "source" of the message in our minds. Perhaps it is because we are too busy or hard or lazy, but often I think it is just a loving and merciful way of helping to get the message through -- like right before I got pregnant with Maggie and, literally, had three different people (my OB and two strangers) in one week stop me at the store to tell me that I ought to have another baby. Not that I am thinking this means you need to have more kids. Not at all. For what it is worth, in my eyes, you have gone beyond the call of duty on that front. Just one of those times for me.

Lara said...

Now that you've added the PS in there and got that cleared up, are we going to get a blog post on what the universe is saying?

Ben & Anne said...

I guess you better do whatever it is you need to do, huh? :) Thanks for feeding Ben today. We miss doing things with you guys!

Heather said...

Boy do I know what you're saying. I recently quit all of my CTs and some other activities to "quiet" my spirit more. I found I was working for everyone else but my family... my commitment to serve God seemed hard to find in the midst of my being crazy busy. This may or may not be what you're going through, but I had to hear it a million times over from a plethora of sources before I finally "gave in" to it.

I hope you're wiser than I am and quickly heed your commission. :) Much love to you, dear friend.

alexandra said...

Has it spoken yet? And more importantly, what did it say?????

lbugsh2 said...

Just tell the universe you stepped out for lunch and to come back later.

The Beatty Beehive said...

I love Heather's comments! Is there a central subject coming to mind often? Can't you see that we are all on the edge of our seats... hopeing that you will hear the universe then tell us what it's saying!! The scripture that came to mind is... "Be still and know that I am God" or as my grandma would often tell me... take time to stop and smell the flowers occasionally. love you!

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