Sunday, August 30, 2009

Good Idea, Gone Bad

Did you ever have an idea that you thought would be so fun...and seemed like such a good idea at the time...but something went terribly, terribly wrong?

I think Joe feels this way about having suggested that we bury him in the sand.

Joe thought it would be so fun...he even dug a little hole and laid down and we all went to work to help him achieve his goal.

This is where the story goes takes a turn for the worse.

If you have a weak stomach, please...look away.


As you can see, Joe's joy in the experience turned to utter horror after his mother turned him into a mermaid...clevage and all.

He's a good sport, huh?


Stacy said...

HAhaha!!! That is too funny!

Emily Merchant said...

I just want to know how long it took to get all the sand out of body crevices.

Anonymous said...

I heart your sense of humor, Deni. ~akh

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