Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Once a Long, Long Time Ago

14 years to be exact...

Troy and I were married.

I think it's crazy when I think about it....all these years together...and I love him more today than I did then -- and I know now...that in 14 more years I will love him even more than I do now.

Here's us by the numbers:

14 -- wonderful years of marriage
13 -- states we've visited (or traveled through) in the last 12 months
12 -- Troy's desired number of kids
11 -- the day in March we went on our first date and the day in April Troy proposed
10 -- the number Troy allows me to take of him each trip we go on.
9 -- hours I have spent trying to think of something for number 9. ack.
8 -- years we've lived in Virginia
7 -- crazy kids**
6 -- years we've lived in Utah
5 -- months from our first date to our wedding date
4 -- vacations taken without the children
3 -- house purchases
2 -- lives that are now 1
1 -- sweet, sweet husband

Happy Anniversary Sweetheart.

**ETA: apparently I am causing quite a stir with my seven kids comment. LOL! This number is not an announcement that I am pregnant -- much to Troy's disappointment.

I could not write about the last 14 years with Troy and not include our son Jacob. You can read about him here if you are interested.


Monique said...

Happy anniversary Troy & Denise!
PS: who counts as kid #7?

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!


Mara said...

Congratulations, you guys! It's so wonderful to see a couple who love each other even more now than when they first went through that initial "lovey-dovey" stage. Marriage is about emotional depth and shared life and you guys obviously have it together. Many happy returns of your anniversary!

Troy said...

And "0" -- The number of days in my life I want to be without you (i.e., I want to be with you -- Forever and Always)! Am I a sap, or what?!? I love you, babe. Happy Anniversary, and here's to many more wonderful years together.....!

Sarah said...

Awwwwwwwww. Troy, you are a true softie. Denise, why were you ever pining for a Paul Snow when you've got John Troy Beatty?

Me said...

Congratulations guys!! 7 kids??

Andrea said...

Gag, Troy...but very sweet none the less!

Happy Anniversary!

onehm said...

You guys are too cute!

And are you announcing something with the "7" kids? :)

Lara said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy!

Chelle said...

Congrats you two!

melissa said...

I have finally had a moment to take a real break and actually read through various blogs and this is one of the sweetest posts I've seen. It's neat because at church you see people married and have children but you don't experience the in depth of the relationship and so it is neat for me to hear about couples who still really really love each other after so many years! Congratulations on 14 years!

Charlene said...

Happy Anniversary to you guys!! We love you!!

Puhlman said...

AHH so cute. Happy Anniversary. Hope it was a great day for you both.

alexandra said...

Nice tush, Troy. (Or am I being too sappy?)

And congrats on 14 years. Here's to infinity.

Kimber said...

Happy Anniversary!

lbugsh2 said...

Hooray another year gone by. Congratulations You are awesome Denise Troy is a lucky man.

The Perkins said...

Congrats you guys!

Jeffrey Merchant said...

Hope you had a great anniversary and trip. 14 years, wow!

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