Sunday, August 30, 2009

Awesome Sabbath Day

Can I just tell you how much I love going to church?


I enjoy every week...and find it a wonderful opportunity to refresh, and recharge, and refocus on what is important. was especially good because we were able to be instructed by a General Authority...and it was soooo what I needed to hear today.

It was wonderful to receive his counsel and instruction...which we will be taking to heart...but it was also gratifying to feel the spirit of the Lord so strongly in one whom He has called.


Today, we were instructed by Elder Carlson, of the Seventy.

He instructed us on the essentials of helping our children stay strong in the Gospel and how the ages of 12 to 22 are so crucial to the development of spiritual foundations.

These are the things he said:

If we are going to raise spiritually strong children, we must, teach them:

1. To pray -- as a family, as individuals, out loud and for each other by name.
2. About Chirst -- about His Birth, His Life, His Mission, and most of all about the Atonement -- and that the Atonement allows us to be rescued from death, both physically and spiritually.
3. The Significance of the Sacrament -- that we should partake in remembrance of the Savior -- His body and His blood, about His very "personal" sacrifice (that He would have made the same Atonement if He were making it just for one person or for billions), and that we should be making our sacrifice in return...laying our sins upon the altar where the sacrament is blessed, and that it should be a spiritual experience each time we partake.
4. About the importance of Joseph Smith and of living prophets today.
5. About the importance of the scriptures -- while the stories and pictures are nice additions, we should be reading the actual scriptures to our children (of all ages).
6. About the significance of the restoration of the Priesthood.
7. About the importance of honoring our mother and our father.
8. About the importance of being worthy to go on a mission.
9. About the importance of being worthy to go to the temple.
10. About the blessings of paying tithing.
11. About the blessings of obeying the Word of Wisdom.
12. About the value of education.

It was such inspired counsel and I feel blessed to have been present for it.


Puhlman said...

Who did you get to hear? How amazing is that? That is wonderful.

melissa said...

I'm right there with you Denise! I only made it back in time for the last part of his talk but fortunately Alejandro took plenty of notes on what I missed. I am so grateful for Apostles and Prophets and the counsel that we are given. There was such an amazing Spirit in that room and I knew he was speaking truth and giving all of us guidance for our day.

Kimber said...

Also had a great day; met President Eyring as he was the speaker for Dixie College's 2nd annual Sunday devotion "kickoff."

Love the new header!

delilas said...

You have to explain the GA expereince. Who, what, why share

Lara said...

My internet was SO SLOW the last couple of days that I could barely get things through my feed reader yet alone clicking on the actual site. I was so irritated that I couldn't leave any comments, but now I'm so glad that I've come back to this and that you've added in your notes. What an amazing experience and I'm feeling inspired by just reading his words.

PS Love your new header!

Chelle said...

Thanks for sharing!

GREAT fam photo!

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