Friday, June 26, 2009

Lazy? Summer Days

Well...the lazy days of summer are in full swing...but somehow they are not nearly as lazy as I would like.

We have tried to institute a little structure here at home and it's keeping us busy. The kids spend the morning doing a few chores and working on homework...spelling and math practice mostly.

Then we have playdates, errands or quiet time...although with everyone home this also does not seem as quiet as I would like.

Then we spend the afternoon at the water park...dinner and then bed.

It just feels so full...which, I guess it is...but, the kids are having a really good time.

Mikayla spent the week at basketball camp...which she really enjoyed. She is hoping to make the school team in the fall. She also has Girl's Camp next week.

Joe has cub camp the week after that, then the three older kids are taking art camp...and Joe and Emma still want to do Tae Kwon Do camp. did I make it through my ENTIRE childhood without ever attending any of these things?

My bike, a few friends, and the library were all I needed for the perfect summer.

What are you guys up to?


Kimber said...

I hear you. In some ways, I think summer is even busier than the rest of the year!

Monique said...

In Holland, the kids (and the teachers!!!) only get 6 weeks summer vacation. Not a lot of camps, but mostly a few weeks of going on holidays and a few weeks traditional summer boredom! As we don't have kids, I do look forward to less structure, more time to read in the hammock (if the weather's nice) or scrapping of course! I can certainly understand how it can be difficult if you have to organise structure for 6 kids during this time! who do you get to babysit during your Greek escape?

Emily Merchant said...

Yeah, so I bring my kids out to Utah, and between grandparents, cousin playdates, horseback riding, dance, and swimming lessons for the older girls, we have been going non-stop. And, we haven't even launched into the trip segment of the trip: St. George, Las Vegas, Lake Powell, Family Reunion. We will be thoroughly tuckered out when we return in a month!

I just tell myself we are making up for lots of things we just couldn't pull off during the school year. Better busy than bored and fighting, right?

Lara said...

Our summer sounds a lot like yours so far. I have often thought back to my own childhood and wondered where those carefree days of playing outside have gone.

Mara said...

Yeah, I don't remember doing anything more than biking around and hanging out with my friends. Then again, back in the day and where I lived, the mothers were home, which meant the kids were home. The parents of most of Thomas's friends work, so their kids are in camp or at day care, meaning Thomas has to be at camp, too. I wish I could just send him out to play with friends and wander the neighborhoods, but I think those days are gone. :(

Hilary said...

I am working.
Drew is suffering at home.
We are trying to squeeze in a day of fun each week. Sadly, this week our day of fun was a trip to Target.
The kids did get new bike helmets...

Heather said...

You sound like a homeschooling mom! :) Swim lessons, gymnastics, tennis, bowling, piano lessons - oh my! That's our summer.

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