Saturday, June 6, 2009

Indepdence Day

In the quest for independence, we are trying to teach the kids new skills...and Josh has finally mastered an all important one:

That chair apparently comes in handy for a variety of things.


Lara said...

We almost always have a chair pulled up in our kitchen because one of the kids is trying to get something down out of the cupboard. Spencer did end up with staples in his head when he was little after falling off the chair while he was "helping" in the kitchen, but I figure only once in all those years isn't too bad.

Kirsten said...

I want to know who gets to learn how to drive the car first?

Charlene said...

Our cupboards are so high that even I need a chair to reach for things!!!

Emily Merchant said...

Oh, the barstools strewn throughout the kitchen to reach various items... that is my number one pet peeve. Don't know why, but it just makes me crazy.

I guess I ought to try just celebrating my kids' independence.

Heather said...

How cute! Soon your kids will be chauffeuring you around town for all your celebrity photo shoots! :)

Hope you're doing well, Denise. Miss ya.

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