Tuesday, June 2, 2009

So True

It's been a lot of fun doing the photo shoots and I love seeing the progress in my work...but of course, blogging had taken a back seat...so, I'm trying to catch up.

Mikayla had her spring violin concert and she was fabulous. It was amazing to see how much progress she has made...just taking lessons at school and practicing at home. I know Troy was sad that he couldn't be there...so I taped it so he could see.

Forgive my poor video camera operation...I was taking the video with my camera...and I guess I should have read up about it before I decided to try and learn about it on the fly!

And, in other kid news...just had to share this funny photo of Katie. She has started to tell me when she is poopy and will bring me all the supplies to change her diaper.

She says, "Mommy. Stinky. Poopy. Yucky."

True, so true.

And don't you love that she has recently started to include duct tape in the stash of supplies she brings me?

Things have been a little crazy here with Troy out of town and Katie really ill...but everything is fine.

Still, after the chaos of dinner and getting everyone off to bed Becky stops and says, "Mom, are we just killing you?"

"Um? Huh."

Apparently I say that a lot.


Jeff said...

I love that Katie now brings you the duct tape. As for the kids working you over, you can always just "reset". :-)

The Beatty Beehive said...

I was totally laughing outloud about the duck tape!!!! And isn't it funny how the kids pick up on the silly things we say under our breath, just to get through those crazy moments!!

Kimber said...

Lucky you - Mathison just runs and hides when he has stinky pants. This kid shows little desire at all for any potty training yet.

Shaunae said...

Love the duct tape! Cute kid. I love the "killing me" comment. Mine is "You're bugging me." Taison says "Am I a bug you Mommy?" I'm going to change my frustration phrase to something else I think. :)

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