Monday, June 15, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun

Well...the kids and I had a lot of fun this weekend...I am sure it is just a sign of the kind of summer we are going to have.

The school had a carnival, and of course, we HAD TO go. It was actually a pretty fun event and the kids really enjoyed themselves.

Emma really wanted to dunk the principal...but she got out before it was Emma's she had to settle for dunking the PE teacher. She was the only one of the kids to hit it right on the bulls eye.

And Joe just had to climb this bad boy. I am thinking I need one of these for the back yard...cause by golly, I'm tired of finding footprints inside the doorways from where Joe likes to shimmy up!

Josh was proud to show off his muslces and ding this bell each time he tried. Little strong man!

Becky was content to watch the big kids play and eat her way through all the different treats the carnival had to offer. That girl likes her cotton candy!

And Mikayla...Well, we didn't actually see Mikayla cause she ran off with her friends...but we did manage this one shot of her showing off her skill...hummm.

All I can say is fun was had by all.


Lara said...

That does look like some serious fun there! Can you come pick up my kids next time you go out for some fun like that? I hate carnivals and such and avoid them whenever possible.

Krisi said...

Looks like everyone had fun - to bad Emma couldn't dunk the principal! Glad you are feeling better.

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