Thursday, June 18, 2009

Presents All Around

Today is Katie's birthday and I am finding it hard to believe that my baby is TWO!!!

Holy cow. It seems like just yesterday she was a fuzzy headed little baby...and now she is so big and dang, but that kid is cute.

She is starting to really talk a lot more and although she still babbles quite a bit...more and more of what she is saying is so clear.

She loves to go outside and whenever she wants to go out she says, "Shoes on?"

She adores candy and has been able to say "candy" for quite a while.

And now, with the advent of warmer weather she has recently mastered "popsicle."

I love to hear her say "nite-nite" and "love you". She is just doll.

Of course, she is also loud and independent...would you expect any less from one of my kids?

We had a little cupcake tonight to celebrate her birthday...although Katie was NOT thrilled by the candles on her cupcake.

But she warmed up to the icing pretty quickly.

I guess I just wish every cupcake didn't require a major scrub down. But, at least she enjoyed it.

But of course, no birthday is complete without presents, and I guess Katie wasn't thrilled that she didn't get any today...we are saving them for when her dad gets back.

So, I think maybe she decided to give me a present instead.

Yes, that is the entire bag of wipes in the toilet.

Oh, and yes, she did pull out each and every wipe before throwing the bag in too.

I guess I should just be grateful that she didn't try to flush.

**big sigh**

Happy birthday kiddo.


Monique said...

Never a dull moment with Katie around!!! Happy Birthday, Katie!

Kate said...

LOL, she is certainly a little handful, but you've got to admire that spunk eh? I certainly do, anyway!
Happy Birthday Katie!

Bringhurst Family said...

I didn't realize Katie and I share a birthday...separated by a few years of course =) Well it's a fact only very cool people are born on that day.

Charlene said...

Independent, huh? wonder where she gets that??;)
Happy Birthday Katie!!
who ended up taking all the wipes out of the toilet? I would have bribed/paid one of my older children to do that!

Me said...

I wasn going to comment on how icing is very good for the face! (LOL!) Until I saw the toilet! Yikes! Thanks God she didn't flush for sure! Did you hear about the little boy who flushed a puppy? The puppy was fine!

The Perkins said...

I love hearing all the funny stuff she does....funny to me, probably not so much to you :). Happy Birthday Katie!

Sarah said...

Happy belated birthday, Katie! And holy cow on the wipes!! Not sure I would have been able to laugh at that...

Kimber said...

Happy Birthday, Katie!

Mara said...

Happy birthday Katie!

A little while ago, Seth unrolled an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet, which was bad enough, but then Thomas went in and used the toilet on top of it before I had a chance to get it out. Ugh.

Jolinda said...

So I love how you can look at everything as a photo op. I would've been frazzled at the wipes incident!! Your kids will love... and I'm sure they already do...all the photos you take and scrapbook pages you do!

Heather said...

Katie's onto something - they should be made of flushable, biodegradable products anyway, don't you think?


Cute, cute, cute!

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