Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blessings or Omens?

So, I was cooking dinner last night and the phone I ran to answer it and when I came back in I found this.

That's right...Katie was setting the table. By herself. Seriously.

She went and got cups and bowls and put them all around the table. By herself.


Should I feel lucky or scared?

And I was vacuuming the couch, I happened upon this:

And when I asked who did this, Josh says right away, "It wasn't me."

um. okay.


Brianna said...

Must have been another kid and they are just framing poor Josh!

I tried to pull the same thing when I was a kid :)

Charlene said...

could she teach my Caleb the same thing??

Lara said...

LOL! I've had the EXACT same experience with Cami when she was little. We found her name written all over the baseboards and she swore up and down it had been her one-year-old sister. I think setting the table is definitely a good sign. What a sweet little helper!

Kimber said...

We still have a dining table with "Bronson" carved into the top!

The Beatty Beehive said...

I used to tell my kids that they actually had two more siblings that they didn't know about. "not me" and "i don't know". Sounds like you may have a few extra "kids" hanging around too. Isn't it hilarious when they use their own name to incriminate themselves! :)

lilluv89 said...

Hey now Jordyn and I used to write Morgan's name on the wall so she would get in to trouble...yeah we're mean. Can we get Katie at our house?

Heather said...


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