Monday, March 9, 2009

Smile, Silly

I have been wanting to go to the temple to scout it out and see where the best places to take photos are. So, last night we took advantage of a free Saturday, did some location scouting, got in a goofy little photo shoot, did sealings, and had an awesome dinner at PF Changs. All in all the perfect evening!

We got a late start to the temple, so we pretty much had lost the light when we got there...but I managed a few of photos -- where Rob and Andrea weren't TOTALLY hamming it up!

Here's a couple of my favs.

Did I mention that they were being goofy?

And, here's Rob practicing his "I'm a future General Authority" pose.

And, since we were mostly shooting in the dark, I thought we should make the most of the light...and got this cool one.

And, Andrea was nice enough to get a similar one of me and Troy.

I have to say, my favorite part was playing with the light, and getting these fun shots of the temple. Isn't it amazing how different it can look, depending on the time of day?

Really, as much fun as it was to go and play, it was super great to be at the temple. I really enjoyed the session of sealings we did...and in particular because the sealer was interested in instructing as well as sealing, so I got to learn a lot too.


Brianna said...

Those pictures are beautiful. You are quite talented :)

Puhlman said...

WOW that really is amazing how you captured each picture in a different light. What a beautiful bunch of pictures. I love the ones you have of you and Troy and Rob and Andrea. Those are too cool.

Andrea said...

Cool actions!!! Too much fun, but I can totally understand why you didn't post the Troy and I photos--too hot! haha

Charlene said...

that is a beautiful temple! You are doing really well with your photography!!

Me said...

LOVE the affects on the photos! Andrea being silly???

Jen said...

Love the pictures!
Looks like you guys had fun.

Amberlyn said...

Those are some amazing pictures of the DC Temple. I really LOVE the one of you and Troy in front. You should frame that and put in your house somewhere. I want one!!!

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