Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's Not Paranoia, It's Not!

All week, my only goal has been to go to the gym...and all week something or someone has thwarted my plans.

Two snow days this week did not help.

So, when I got up this morning I was determined that I would get to the gym today.

Troy got off to work.

Mikayla got off to her school.

Josh, Emma, and Joe all got of to their school.

Then I set about getting Becky and Katie ready for the day.

But, it wasn't meant to be.

Becky has pink eye.


Where the heck did she get pink eye?

ack. So a couple more days at home now.

Maybe it's a sign?


Lara said...

It's a conspiracy I tell you. My sister and I were just lamenting about this very thing today!
I hope her pink eye goes away quickly without spreading to anyone else.

alexandra said...

The anti-exercise gods must be working their magic. They've been at my house for almost a year now.

Jolinda said... much snow constitutes a snow day? It just snowed a foot plus and we had school today... :o)

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