Monday, March 2, 2009

Guess Who?

Well, I have been saying that if it's going to be THIS cold, then it might as well snow.

And snow it did!!!!

61/365 (3/2) Let It Snow!!!

Can you even tell it's Becky underneath all that stuff? It was COLD, but the kids insisted on playing outside. They all played and played and played until they came inside frozen, chapped, and tired. All in all, the perfect day.

Well, except for the dirty, rotten kids who stole our sleds!!!! Right out of our yard. We had four outside, and now only have one (plus they stole the Kunz' sled too). Seriously, what is wrong with people?

It's going to a fight to the death tomorrow to see who gets to use the sled we have left!

And to catch up over the weekend:

60/365 (3/1)Photo Op

I have had like six banker boxes full of photos staring at me for I don't know how long. Well, I finally did it. I sorted through them and weeded it down to these 3000 or so photos that need to be scanned. Um. That won't take too long, right?

59/365 (2/28) Always Prepared

It was the Primary Quarterly activity. Joe and his scout troop helped organize a little service project for the troops. What a great idea. Joe is becoming quite the young man. He will be 10 soon, and unfortunately, the only Webelo in our ward. So, come April, he will be attending scouts with another ward. One more night of activities for us. Can you feel the love?


Melanie said...

I totally forgot about the Primary activity! Sounds like it was fun. I hate sled stealers!

Kimber said...

I have some boxes of photos that need to be sorted...any pointers?

Sorry about the sleds :(

Charlene said...

are you scanning all the pictures in so you can digital scrapbook? what do you do with the pictures once you are done scanning them?

Emily Merchant said...

I am, oncs again, so impressed.

The intimidation factor -- just another reason I don't scrapbook.

Lara said...

What an ambitious project scanning in all your old photos. I've about given up hope of scrapping all the old ones, so I'm just putting them into albums with slots for the pictures and room to write next to them. I figure that'll get them into books and if I ever get as ambitious as you then I can scrapbook them from there.

So have you seen anyone riding YOUR sleds around today?

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